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Teacher Taglines
Oxymoron: Student teacher
Make failure your teacher
Books are silent teachers.
Teaching: Insanity with a purpose.
To teach is to touch a life forever
You cannot scare me... I'm a teacher!
Retired teachers have no class at all.
You can't teach a dead dog new tricks.
Time is the best teacher. Unfortunately
War is God's way of teaching us geography.
Save Our Highways! Teach a Yankee to drive!
Golf's main purpose is to teach you humility.
I'd be smarter if you knew enough to teach me
I'm a teacher. Preserving wild life is my job.
Time is a great teacher but kills all its pupils.
Experience is a good teacher but her fees are high
I was the teacher's pet. She couldn't afford a dog.
Teach a Kid to Fish and Get them `Hooked' for life.
Teachers who ask for blind obedience get dumb students.
A wise teacher makes learning a joy. 
Cats teach that not everything in nature has a function.

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